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Office massage

Relax and recharge: massages in the office from CoolFit

Revitalize your workplace with CoolFit’s on-site office massages, a unique employee wellness initiative designed to melt away stress, boost morale and improve overall job satisfaction. Our team of certified therapists brings the benefits of relaxation directly to your office, creating a rejuvenating environment for your team.

Office Massage Highlights

1. Certified Massage Therapists:

Experience the healing touch of our team of over 10 certified massage therapists. Each therapist is trained to provide a variety of massage techniques, accommodating individual preferences and ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience.

2. Custom massage stations:

Turn your office into a haven of relaxation with custom massage stations. Our therapists create a tranquil environment that allows employees to escape the daily routine and indulge in a short retreat, promoting mental well-being and stress reduction.

3. Flexible scheduling options:

Adapt massage sessions to your team’s schedule. Whether it’s a monthly wellness day or a special occasion, our flexible scheduling options make on-site massages a convenient and affordable extra for your employees’ well-being.

4. Different massage modalities:

Choose from a variety of massage types to suit individual preferences. From deep tissue, Thai, or relaxing – done on a chair – our therapists offer a diverse menu of options to meet specific needs and preferences.

5. Quick Stress Relief:

Offer employees a quick stress relief solution with on-site chair massages. These sessions focus on areas prone to tension, providing immediate relaxation and revitalization without the need to change into specialized clothing.

Why choose on-site office massages?

Increased Employee Satisfaction: On-site massages contribute to increased job satisfaction and a positive workplace atmosphere.

Stress Reduction: Regular massage sessions have been proven to reduce stress, improve mood and increase overall mental well-being.

Convenience and Accessibility: Bring the benefits of massage directly to the workplace by eliminating the need for employees to travel to outside spas.

Boost team morale: Massages in the workplace foster a sense of caring and appreciation, which contributes to a more engaged and motivated team.

A stress-free oasis at work

CoolFit’s on-site office massages redefine a sense of well-being in the workplace by bringing relaxation directly into your team’s work. Enhance your office environment with the healing touch of our certified therapists, creating a stress-free oasis that increases employee satisfaction and overall productivity. Because a relaxed team is a high-performing team!