CoolFit Organizes a P.BoxX Practice together with TechnoLogika

CoolFit held a P.BoxX workout at Pulse Mladost for TechnoLogica employees. The group trainer Krasimir Bonchev took care of the good physical shape of the attendees, and over 15 employees of the software company chose their Saturday to start with this sports activity. Their choice was provoked by the fact that the workout combines elements of martial arts, strength exercises and explosive movements, most of which are performed on a special platform.

P.BoxX is an original fitness activity, behind which are the best Pulse trainers and is an intensive conditioning program during which physical fitness and coordination are worked. Balance and endurance are increased and various technical skills are acquired. The workout improves and speeds up metabolism, and excess fat is melted.

P.BoxX is one of dozens of group classes that can benefit CoolFit users. Anyone who wants to keep up their sports activity with fitness or group classes can visit over 250 of the best sports centers with a CoolFit corporate card.