Hundreds climbed Cherni Vrah in support of CoolFit hike with SOS cause

On 22nd of July CoolFit walk with SOS cause took place. Hundreds joined our initiative, supporting the youth from the family homes in Sofia of SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria. The Saturday day turned into an exciting event filled with a lot of mood and emotion. The hike started from Aleko hut and the large group […]

CoolFit organised a seminar on “Nutrition, Breath and Movement” specially for Coca-Cola Europacific Partners employees

Our yoga specialist Daniel Lipchev held a seminar on “Nutrition, breath and movement”. The event was organized by CoolFit especially for the employees of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners. The workshop was delivered in a hybrid format, with over 200 company employees participating. The speaker presented the key tools to achieve stability, focus, calm and performance. At […]

CoolFit Organizes a P.BoxX Practice together with TechnoLogika

CoolFit held a P.BoxX workout at Pulse Mladost for TechnoLogica employees. The group trainer Krasimir Bonchev took care of the good physical shape of the attendees, and over 15 employees of the software company chose their Saturday to start with this sports activity. Their choice was provoked by the fact that the workout combines elements […]

CoolFit and Yettel conquered Cherni Vrah

On Saturday, June 4th, CoolFit and Yettel united in another common goal – to climb Black Peak. The idea behind our trek came about when we decided it was time to help bring teams together in big companies, through our events and improving activity after being stuck in the office and at home for so […]

Yoga workout with CoolFit and Wingam

Yoga is well known for its benefits in reducing stress, managing tension and improving focus. It is for this reason that CoolFit encourages its practice, especially in employees of large companies. In this regard, CoolFit has organized a special yoga event for Wingam employees. The last day of the work week for Wingam employees turned […]

CoolFit and Gopet Trans – A hike to peak Kikish

On August 20th, another CoolFit event was organized and held. This time, the destination was the Kikish shelter, and we were joined by the employees of Gopet Trans. The hike was led by Dimitar Galabov, a certified personal trainer from the European Fitness Academy and a nutritionist. Thanks to him, we managed to reach the […]

Friday Training with CoolFit and Raicommerce

On October 21st, another event was organized and held by CoolFit. This time, we were joined by the employees of Raicommerce, and together we made the sunny Friday fun and productive, with the help of an invigorating workout at their head office. Our sporting event was led by Alex Asenov – a group instructor in […]

CoolFit with a Sports Camp for DXC Employees

Over the past weekend, CoolFit organized a sports camp for the employees of DXC, featuring many interesting activities, located at the Grand Hotel Bansko. On Friday, November 18th, DXC employees were welcomed at the Grand Hotel Bansko, where their sports camp began. The series of activities started on Friday afternoon with an interesting yoga session, […]